Shopping Centers
Mall security has the potential to experience both social events, terrorist incidents and common crimes such as theft and extortion.
Establishment of a strong infrastructure in relation to ensuring the security of facilities, employees, personnel and raw materials, and good organization of online coordination.
The safety of health care providers has become even more important when recent unintended incidents are also taken into account.
Private Companies
In such strategically important buildings and facilities, the safety net is constructed as computer equipped, hand detectors, door detectors …
Site And Private Residences
The first element of quality of life is that we feel safe in the environment we live in. Door phone, fire alarm systems, glass break detector, CCTV camera systems, Showcase the tracking detector, garden/site, Entry door systems, vehicle entry / exit barrier systems, and site security barrier system
It can be supported technologically if foreseen by the site management.
Organizational Security
Permanent or limited-time-temporary organizations in terms of time and place as ULU SECURITY…
Security in hotel management is important for customers to feel comfortable and peaceful.
VIP Close Protection
In our VIP close protection security service, we provide a high level of security service with all necessary equipment, acting in such a way as to affect daily life as little as possible in the event of a person or persons ' safety hazards.
For the people to whom the security service will be provided, hazards that may arise as a result of mutual negotiations are identified in advance and reports on how to eliminate these threats are generated. Our security personnel will then begin their work in accordance with these reports.
Our security expert personnel have the ability to conduct risk analysis even in emergency situations and to intervene in events by making a quick and correct decision. Apart from these abilities, they are people who have mastered the techniques of armed protection, unarmed protection, close protection, intelligence, communication, forward driving.

Our close protection personnel act in the belief that a dangerous situation may occur at any time and carry out all necessary exercises.

Çerez Örnek