Turkey in the energy sector with the laws and regulations enacted since 2001 has started restructuring and liberalization process. Today, many regulations are being made for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and for the efficient and efficient use of this produced energy. The main objective of these arrangements is to support production with indigenous resources by reducing external dependence on energy. In this direction, it is aimed to reduce the cost of fossil fuels used especially in electricity generation. Turkey has superiority of coal and natural gas resources in the production phase electricity. These are followed by electricity generation through dams and hydroelectric power plants. The share of wind, solar, geothermal and other energy sources in electricity generation does not exceed 10 percent. In general, about 35 percent of total production is covered by renewable energy sources.

Environment & Society / Education / Energy

In these areas, we aim to improve the quality of common life by bringing the highest possible value-added improvements and innovations to the regions in which we operate. For this purpose,;

• In the regions where we build and operate our plants, we create employment for many people, especially local people, and we develop various projects that will contribute to the social development of these regions.,

* We contribute to the education of young people,

* We carry out social responsibility projects that our employees participate in on the basis of volunteerism,

* When planning our investments, we place great importance on bringing domestic and renewable energy sources into the economy,

• We apply efficient and environmentally compatible technologies in our power plant investments and enterprises and contribute to the energy security and sustainability of the growth of the Turkish electricity sector with our production portfolio.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) member countries include Turkey, in terms of electricity generation using renewable energy sources is ranked 13th. Turkey's 2023 among the electricity consumption guess-parallel-as power generation of renewable resources (including hydro) located removal share at least 30 percent. It can be seen that 2023 targets can be caught when the studies done in this direction and the annual developments are taken into consideration. All under the assumption that they are the next in 2023, according to TEIAS forecasts Turkey's electricity demand increased two-fold compared to today will approach 500 billion MW and already in order to meet this ,demand the total installed capacity should be 100 thousand MW per cent related to the use of renewable energy sources A goal of 30 is a necessity rather than a plan.

Çerez Örnek