ULU SECURITY AND MANAGEMENT. until today, OSGB continues to provide services to the establishments located in many provinces and districts of Turkey.Some of these are; chambers , municipalities ,hotels,construction companies, private hospitals, private schools, construction chemicals manufacturers ,energy production centers,tourism companies,airports,businesses, travel agencies and many more on projects in the sectors of task and responsibility.We are proud to work on all the projects that have been done. About 4500 people have been given training on Occupational Health and safety and Training Certificates have been issued through Risk analyses and contingency action plans of hundreds of workplaces made by the end of 2019. We are developing rapidly with the services we provide in this sector.

It is a service profession that increases the quality of life and ease of use of buildings by integrating human, space, service and technology factors. Legal, commercial and Technical Services, which are considered as heavy services, as well as light services, such as security, cleaning, environmental pest control services, such as the operation of a structure must be in the entire range of services to supply and management of the necessary services to be offered to the owners of immovable property.

Requirements and benefits of using professional Facility Management Service, Owners will be able to devote their energy and time entirely to major activities or other topics. Facility management is the main activity of Facility Management Companies.  They produce rational solutions in terms of cost reduction, high standard of Service and customer satisfaction by carrying out their subjects with full-time and professional staff. Since they have extensive benchmarking opportunities in the sector, they are able to closely monitor the change and development in service and service costs and optimize expenses. Since they serve many different organizations, they can benefit their customers from the economy of scale they have, and therefore benefit from the cost advantages.
As one of the goals is cost reduction, a professional company is not a cost-enhancing factor, but rather it can lead to savings in all plant costs. Of course, planning and expectations are important. It has a pool of expert personnel in Plant Management and field, and offers flexible employment solutions. The service provider recovers from the difficulties associated with the provision of specialist staff and the relatively high employment costs they have to endure.
Facility management companies maintain the minimum necessary personnel in the facilities they are responsible for managing and optimize staff expenses by providing the necessary support from the center on special occasions and in exceptional circumstances. The Facility Management Company, high cost specialist staff, consultants are kept in the central staff to share the costs to all facilities and meet the central budget. Thus, the contribution of professional expert staff is provided and the costs related to this issue are reduced.
Professional facility management companies; facilities with large overhead costs of large operated and smart and performed with the modern expectancy (planned maintenance system), while maintaining the level of performance at the lowest cost to revive and assisted by applications that require expertise center providing contemporary (uniform accounting Plan, facility management program technical operating program effective ) management.

Shares the innovations of technology with the customer. The goal is to be a consultant customer-focused solution partner and ensure that every work done is for the happiness, comfort and safety of the customer. Good management depends primarily on the right design. The design experts of the management company perform the legal, financial, service and management design specific to each facility as a custom design in accordance with the needs and expectations of the customer.

Çerez Örnek