ULU, established in 1999 in Istanbul, entered the construction sector with ULU TRADING group companies and showed rapid growth with the cooperation of DVR and GRDP. ULU, which aims to invest in the world of service quality, operates in many countries such as Australia, Qatar, Russia, Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
ULU has undertaken numerous giant projects such as universities, hospitals, residences, schools, roads, bridges, tunnels, wastewater tunnels, industrial plants, etc. The projects undertaken by ULU construction include Engineering, Material Supply, construction contracts, renovation works, industrial facilities, housing and residential complexes. The high quality housing projects that ULU construction has carried out at home and abroad to date have increased its experience and proved its success.
ULU construction is aware of the importance of using the latest technology in its office organization and construction sites, and has implemented technological facilities at the highest level for effective office and project management and a successful commitment strategy. High level of computer usage is enabled in all office activities such as Document Control, material control, proposal preparation, business programs, design/drawing, procurement, accounting, finance and communication. ULU Construction Center is connected to each other online and within the company, with regional offices and construction sites, and the use of e-mail is high in communication within the company and in employer relations.
ULU the experience in its construction projects, experience and personal experience that is used internationally within the company with the personnel, quality standardization, successes in business development and managing policies, material and equipment specifications of the required experience by using this success combined with signed.

Çerez Örnek