ULU transportation produces customer-oriented solutions and alternative transportation models. Through its investments in technology and human resources, it is advancing in a professional, expert and institutional line. Our experienced and dynamic team makes the most use of the developments in the sector and provides road transport, sea transport, air transport, combined transport, warehousing and domestic distribution services within the scope of logistics services.

With its extensive and strong agency network, its high technology, superior quality understanding, business knowledge and hundreds of employees with high level of education, it represents our country in every field and raises its reputation with its qualified and modern service.  
As a 3PL provider that maximizes profitability by delivering the right cargo in the right place and at the right time, it specialises in distribution and logistics with its warehouses in many regions of Turkey.
Specialist In General Transport...
* Quality Control Center
* On-line booking
* Daily Cargo Consolidation
* Downloads According To Customer Demands
* Customer Representative
* Speed and reliability in Transit time
* Cold Air Transport
* Liquid Transportation
* Self-goods suspended and awning vehicles
* External Supply Clearance Service In High-Tech Products...
* Supply Chain Management
* Order Tracking
* Palletizing On Order Basis
* Committed Transit time 3PL Services;

Our 3PL services and warehouse solutions include 100.000 m2 of storage area including textiles, electronics, automotive products, furniture and general cargo.

Çerez Örnek