ULU produces its own full range of fruits and vegetables, from dates and cherry tomatoes to the biggest melons.

ULU is an innovative agricultural equipment developer founded in 1997. ULU develops separation and transport systems for different products. The company offers turnkey, user-friendly solutions for processing fruit and vegetables. The company's systems manage the entire process, from product receipt to unloading, hot water treatment, cleaning, polishing, drying, sorting and packaging of products. ULU produces systems that provide reliability and high quality service using the latest technologies available. The company has developed advanced optical systems (monitoring of internal and external defects), which are special technologies for the quality control of fruits and vegetables. ULU's systems and solutions have been developed and designed for a wide range of industry verification. As a boutique company, ULU focuses on creating bespoke solutions that fit the customer's specific needs. The company operates in more than 30 countries around the world.

Çerez Örnek