Who We Are

Who We Are

In 1997, the ULU group of companies started its activities in the Food, Tourism and construction sectors in two countries, including Australia and Turkey.

After 2007 and 2010,ULU group of companies continued to grow rapidly by expanding its production and service volume by adding Electronics,Security,Organic Food,Poultry,Agriculture,Machinery Industry,iron, Steel and similar sectors to its activities in three different sectors

Ulu group of companies has become a large and well-established company that produces and exports 300 kinds of food and other products to 93 countries in 23 different sectors in 2021.To reach the international market based on our core brands and competencies, we have expanded our activities not only domestically, but also worldwide.
We are actively localizing our brands in each local market by adapting to regional characteristics and trends in marketing strategies.
Furthermore, we will create new customer values by expanding our business portfolios into bakery and health and organic food business which are known to be new business areas.We are also strengthening our partnership with our subcontractors through mutually fair trade agreements.Under our new vision of ‘Lifetime Value Creator’ with our ambition to become one of the world’s best companies,

He always strives to follow ethical business practices in all spheres of activity right from sourcing of products from around the world to selling those at the most fair price across our offices, ensuring a smile on everyone's face and bringing happiness to all.

  ULU Trading promises that we will always provide the best products and services to our current and potential customers  

Acting with a passion for excellence and a commitment to continuous improvement, we continue to provide perfect service by producing our products economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally appropriate in all our sectors.

Çerez Örnek